The South African National Beer Trophy 2017 saw a huge increase in the number of craft beers on offer, a testament to thriving industry that our local brewers have built. With the number of craft breweries in South Africa increasing at an exponential rate, so we have access to an incredible number of styles of craft beers and it becomes more difficult to choose just which ones deserve awards!

The 2017 edition of the event saw more than double the entries over the 2016 edition, showing the great growth and interest in the local beer industry. 199 commercial beers from 64 breweries were entered this year.

We all have our personal favorites, however awards shows are important as they can bring some beers we’ve never tasted into the spotlight.

Here are your South African National Beer Trophy 2017 awards winners:

The Beer of the Year, and best Amber Trophy was awarded to:

Stellenbosch Brewing for their Hoenderhok Bock

The Best Light beer Trophy went for Darling Brewery – Bone Crusher

The Best Dark beer Trophy went for Woodstock Brewery – Sugarman

The Best Specialty beer Trophy was awarded to Devil’s Peak – Vannie Hout

The South African National Beer Trophy Gold medals 2017 are also awarded to

Brauhaus am Damm Brauhaus Dunkel

Cape Brewing Co CBC Pale Ale

Cape Brewing Co CBC Pilsner

Riot Beer Valve

Woodstock Brewery Hazy Daze

Tuk Tuk Microbrewery Pale Ale

Frasers Folly – Moer Koffie Stout

Mitchell’s Brewing – Bosun’s Pale ale

Mitchell’s Brewing – Old Wobly Strong Lager

Darling Brewery – Gypsy Mask

Clockwork Brewhouse – Schwarzbier German Lager

Hermanus Brewery – Old Harbour Lager

Robertson Brewing – Rhythm & Blues

Mad Giant – Killer Hop

Urban Brewing – Judas Peak

Devil’s Peak Brewing – Devil’s Peak Pale Ale

Devil’s Peak Brewing – Juicy Lucy IPA

Triggerfish Brewing – Apocalypse