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I think one of the pioneers of introducing craft beer to the public in Cape Town has to be &Union. Sure, craft beer isn’t a new thing and places such as Mitchells have been doing ot for ages, but &Union really forged ahead in a unique way. They started a craft beer festival and they built up a restaurant that has quickly become the meeting place for people in Cape Town.

It seems since then the general public have become craft beer crazy! South African Breweries are one of the biggest brewers in the world, and it’s interesting to note that they are sponsoring the Clarens Beer Festival, even producing 4 of their own craft beers for the festival. They haven’t revealed too much, but they let us know via their Facebook page that these are 3 of the beers that they will be producing just for the festival:

  • Gaelic Ruby is our version of an Irish Red Ale. It has a caramel malt and buttered toast flavour with a smooth mouth feel.
  • Twilight Toast is our interpretation of a traditional bock, brewed to Leinenliugel’s 1888 Bock style. We’ve produced a limited amount to showcase our craft at the Clarens Craft Beer Festival.
  • Honey Weiss with all the authentic intrinsics especially brewed for the Clarens Craft Beer Festival.

Click here for the Clarens Beer Festival website.