One of the emails I receive the most often in my Brew Masters inbox, is people looking at outsourcing beer brewing in South Africa. They’re brewing on a small basis often times from home or a small setup, and now want to do bigger batches of craft beer for the South African market.

One thing I’d love to do is build up a list of breweries that take on projects like this i.e brew big batches for people who don’t have the necessary equipment.

If anyone knows of breweries that take on this sort of work, please leave them in the comments. I plan to put together a newsletter soon with the details, as so many people have been asking.


Anton has let us know that the following in the Hermanus/Stanford area may be of help (Note that information may change or they may be at full capacity)

Birkenhead Brewery
Hermanus Brewing Co

Mark has let us know below that the following craft breweries in Cape Town will do contract brews but are currently at full capacity:

Boston Brewery
Cape Brewing Co
Woodstock Brewery