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We’re huge fans of Loading Bay in Cape Town, not only for their premium clothing, but also for their amazing food and now…well now they’re right on top of the list thanks to Devil’s Peak beer being served on tap. I’m always excited to get the latest Loading Bay newsletter, and when I received the latest one entitled “Beers & Burgers At Loading Bay”, I knew it was going to be good. Here is what it says:

devil's peak beer


Over a year ago, after returning from New York City Trip, we came back having experienced some amazing varieties of Beer on tap (you could say that we had them “above the belt”). This beer was made in a style unknown to us but the New Yorkers went crazy for it. While sitting at the ‘Spotted Pig’ one evening, waiting hours for one of their well know burgers & fries, we were wondering what really is this IPA beer everyone seems to love so much? We soon found out and our personal obsession for beer in the city began. The variety, craft and pure culture behind it was captivating.

Returning to Cape Town, Jon-Paul bumped into to good friend & customer of ours. He’s an annual NYC Popper too. We got chatting & the same Beer topic arouse. Turned out that a good Mate of his, Russell, is a Beer fanatic & they were considering turning a “Beer Brewing Hobby” into a solid small business that focuses on quality craft Beer in styles that were foreign to our market.

After meeting the guys followed by an exceptional Beer tasting at Russell’s Place, we knew that the ethics behind this Beer was brilliance in the making. The collaboration made complete sense as both Parties had one intention (to make & serve good product).

One Year later after many a Beer tasting & Brewing, four styles of Beer & an excellent brand Identity have surfaced. We are proud to introduce you to Devils Peak Beer.

We have just installed Devil’s Peak on tap starting with two varieties of Beer:The Indian Pale Ale & The Golden Ale.

We are proud to be associated with guys that have so much passion and patience for this yeast-fermented, malt flavored hoppy fluid we all love so much

It only felt natural to enjoy old pint with a juicy burger!


Be sure to visit Loading Bay in Cape Town for great clothing, food and of course beer.

Loading Bay

30 Hudson Street
De Waterkant
Cape Town

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