&Union were definitely one of the forerunners of the craft beer movement in Cape Town. Mitchell’s have always been around but &Union really did something massive for the craft beer market locally. A new addition to their range is a non alcoholic craft beer called Der Graf Von Bavaria, great for if you’re the driver or simply avoid alcohol altogether but still love a beer. This is what they have to say :

der graf von bavaria

We take our craft brewed Bavarian wheat beer & send it off to remove the alcohol via a patented vacuum process.

The result is refreshingly surprising & its all-natural isotonic properties make it the perfect sports drink.

0,4% ABV.

8 week brewing time.

Ingredients: Wheat, barley, yeast, hops and water.

Craft brewed in Bavaria.

We’ll be sure to order one of these when we’re next at &Union, and will give a little report back.