The authority of all things extra cold is kicking off the warmer months of the year by locking in the cold.

Whatever your choice of fun- whether it’s a picnic in the park, jazz by the lake, a braai with friends in your back yard, a journey to your hometown to catch up with loved ones, or your choice from a plethora of parties catching up with friends, you’re in for an experience like no other! Castle Lite, Africa’s biggest premium beer brand, is once again changing the game by pioneering a new path in the beer market. 

The all-new Cold Lock, is the only lab-tested, secondary packaging in Africa that keeps beer extra cold for three hours with no ice and after being pre-refrigerated, hits the shelves of your local retailer this week.

Set to completely reshape the consumer’s drinking occasion and experiences, the 16X500ml can capacity Cold Lock represents a new era in the brand’s long history of paradigm-shifting innovations. Fans of the brand will be familiar with the 2-Stage Cold Indicator which was introduced in 2013 that let you know when your beer is cold, the Ice Core cooler in 2014, a Quick Chill Innovation which when added to ice cooled your beer quicker, and the first-ever re-sealable 910ml returnable pack in 2018.

The trendy and premium, yet affordable, Cold Lock is sure to be a summer fave with its extraordinary ability to keep beer cans extra cold much longer than normal secondary package, which has a firm handle that makes it easy to carry. This means that the Cold Lock keeps the party going with extra cold beers for over 3 hours with no ice without having to get up and replenish the drinks.

But, the Cold Lock is more than just looks, the innovation has received the all-important seal of approval from SGS South Africa, the global authorities in inspection, verification, testing and certification.

This first-of-its-kind innovation sees Castle Lite remaining true to its extra cold proposition allowing consumers extended enjoyment with their favourite Extra Cold beer.

The Castle Lite Cold Lock hits stores across South Africa today and retails for R199.99.

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