Space seems like quite a cool place. Beer is the greatest drink ever. Combine these two, and you’re as close to pure happiness as you’re ever likely to get. In fact, Beer In Space may very well be the definition of happiness.

Basically, you get propelled into space and drink beer, fairly simple yet beyond amazing. This is what Beer In Space entails:

Space flight or zero gravity flight
2 to 3 days preparing for space flight
Introduction to consuming liquids in space
Vostok Space Beer (brewed by our mates at 4 Pines Brewing Company)
One hell of a party afterwards (Thirsty Swagman style of course)
Extras incl. video production, space beer shirt, astronaut certificate etc.
The most incredible view of earth you’ve ever had through a bottle

One small problem though, it’s going to set you back $95000 for that Beer In Space.